Friday, December 7, 2012


 6 Dec 2012

Like many of you, I've been through my share of these things -- you know, where some hotshot from corporate flies in, takes over the biggest office in the building, closes the door, and then one-by-one calls in those who will no longer be employed due to downsizing, or whatever the word of the day is.  

Harrowing stuff.
But to do it over the holidays? Cold-blooded.
The sad moment has arrived when we must go forth with the editorial staff reductions that we discussed in person with all of you several weeks ago. Employees in the affected positions will be notified today. Much of this has already happened on the business side, and today we will be letting staff on the editorial side know where we will be eliminating positions. This is a very difficult day, and one that we approach with enormous regret.
Anyone whose job (or job category) is affected will meet today with a senior member of the editorial team. No one will be asked to leave before December 31st (and many will stay at least into mid-January). Managers will be getting in touch later this afternoon with groups of affected employees to let them know when and where their particular meeting will take place. After the meetings with management, you should feel free to speak with Holly Antiuk or Lauren Strada for more specifics on all aspects of this transition. We are working to ensure that the process is handled as sensitively as possible.
Tina & Baba
Anyway, you'd think a left-wing, Obama-worshipping gajillionaire like Tina Brown would spend what would likely be pocket change to hold off on this kind of devastating news until after the holidays.
After all, isn't Tina Brown -- one of the dahlings of the left-wing media -- practicing the kind of heartless corporate chicanery most dahlings in the left-wing media go out of their way to spotlight and criticize?
Newsweek's been a bankrupt piece of garbage for years now. What's another thirty days in exchange for showing a little humanity during the holiday season?  And I don't care how big the golden parachutes might be; you're still having your life pulled out from under you during the very worst time of year for anything like that to happen.  
If our country's Tina Browns weren't so smugly sanctimonious when those who aren't left-wing media dahlings do something like this, I probably wouldn't be popping off. But just imagine our insufferable, class warrior-media had Donald Trump dropped that memo 18 days before Christmas.

TAX THE RICH... and everyone else too

The election is over and Obama won. Now we are seeing who voted for him and it is clear that the takers won out over the payers. Now, of course, we are hearing the usual palaver about bipartisanship and bringing people together and we must all work to… what exactly? Make sure that the takers, Obama’s constituents, are taken care of by those of us who are willing to work for a living? Here’s what we need to do:
We need to raise taxes on everyone, not just the rich. Let me be clear about something. I don’t think raising taxes on anyone is a good idea. Giving the government more money is the same as giving a drunk more money than acting shocked when he spends it on booze. Give the government more money, especially this uber liberal President, will just give them more of it to spend on silly, feel good programs that only make more takers in this country, which is his plan. Make a majority of people dependent on government so liberals have a large base of voters. Notice how well it just worked?
We are now hearing from Democrats telling Republicans what they have to do to compromise with The One. They have to agree to raise taxes on anyone making over $250,000 per year which they consider rich. Interesting that not a word from Dems about what they are going to do. Not a peep about any spending cuts or entitlement reforms. Is anyone surprised by this? Obama is also saying the same lies about pulling everyone together right after he spent eighteen months doing everything he could to drive us apart.
What Republicans need to do is hold out for tax increases on everyone, not just the so called rich. And by everyone, I mean everyone. From Warren Buffett on down to those who work part time minimum wage jobs. It is time to stop the class warfare and make Dems pony up as well. A quick disclaimer. I am not one of those that Dems consider rich. I am one of those that Obama holds in utter contempt. I am a small business owner who has been struggling, like all of them, for four years now and now get to struggle for at least four more.
We have a trillion plus dollar deficit and a President who has conned enough voters into believing if he just makes the rich pay their “fair share”, everything will be just fine. This is a lie of massive proportions and he knows it. Taxing the rich won’t even make a dent in the deficit and it is obscene that this President is okay with saddling future generations with his welfare state debt that will be minimum, 20 trillion dollars before The One is finished bankrupting this country.
I know people will say that economists will say it is a bad idea to raise taxes during a recession. First of all, economists are pretty much like hookers. You can find one willing to say whatever you want and their multitude of opinions is what got us into this mess. Plus, we are not technically in a recession, yet. But, this massive monstrous deficit that Obama has created (oops, sorry, forgot for a second to blame it on Bush) is what is the main drag on the economy.
What got Obama re-elected is primarily two groups of people. Those with their hands out unwilling to take responsibility for themselves and those that are okay with this. The problem with these people is, none of them have any skin in the game. They don’t ever have to reach in their own pockets to pay for anything so, they are okay with the BS the politicians have fed them that they can have their cake and eat it too and somebody else will pick up the tab. “Vote for me! I’ll only raise taxes on people who aren’t you” wink wink. Democrats have been using this con for generations and look at the mess they’ve made.
It is time to make everyone in this country step up and pay their fair share, especially those that voted for Obama. Again, I mean everyone. If you are getting some type of government check, a little less per check needs to be withheld. If you are working a part-time minimum wage job, a few more bucks out of your check so you have to see it, to know that there is no such thing as ‘free’ anything. If you are getting food stamps, they need to be cut and you need to figure out how to get by with a little less. Getting the picture? Someone has to pay for it and it is time everyone contributed.
Democrats want to raise the income taxes on those over 250K per year by 4%. Okay but, everyone making over $50,000 per year up to the $250,000 mark can have theirs raised by 3%. Isn’t it time everyone starting paying their “fair share”?
I know there are plenty of hanky wringing liberals who will whine that people of lesser means pay other taxes. So what? They only pay those taxes for things they directly use and benefit from. Plus, they don’t really see sales taxes or gas taxes or liquor taxes etc. Taking money out of their paycheck is something they will see every payday and it ‘s time they found out there is a cost to all of this feel good silliness that Dems have used to enslave all of us, in one form or another either as payers or dependents to the government.
And last but certainly not least, I would add an additional 10% surtax on to each and every member of Congress, both houses, past (the generous pensions these people have given themselves), present and future and put a freeze on their pay for at least 20 years. Include the President, his cabinet members and any government political appointee a 20% surtax. They made this mess it’s time they helped clean it up!